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Demo: Learn from cases (Level 1)

1. Shortened demo version 

    Click on the image to explore the content of a shortened demo course. 


2. Tutorial by Dr. Christina Giavasi introducing the "Patient Case - Helena (16 y/o)"

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Demo: ebrain session (Level 1)

Shortened demo version of ebrain session "Identifying epilepsy through patient videos"

Click on the image to view. Please switch on your loudspeakers or headphones to listen to audios. 
Videos in this session are not available in the demo version. 

Demo: Histopathology in a Nutshell (Level 1)

Tutorial by Prof. Ingmar Blumcke introducing the e-learning course "Histopathology in a nutshell". 

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Demo: Epilepsy Imaging

Tutorial by Dr. Stefan Rampp (ILAE Neuroimaging Task Force) introducing the e-learning course "Epilepsy Imaging". 

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